LEAP Survey

1) I am most proud of the fact that I have been on the waterfront committee that took an idea in 2006 and I was instrumental in helping it come to fruition. Today thousands of people enjoy that waterfront every single day as a result of that committee pushing the project forward.

2) Three priorities are:

1) Safety

2) Looking after the vulnerable

3) Re-establishing pride and respect in our citizens and our community


3) Three organizations that I am most interested in supporting are: Grace Place. United Way, Shelter House

4) To build relationships with Indigenous people, I would continue what we are presently doing with all city initiatives regarding Indigenous people. I would encourage as much interaction face to face as possible by being inclusive on committees, boards and with hiring practices. Speaking out when there are racist’s incidents and when GOOD things happen with First Nations, Indigenous people would also help build relationships.

5) Continue working together on solutions, ideas and projects that strengthen our relationships.

6) The city of Victoria can do what they like. It’s their choice.

7) The city can do more to mitigate climate change but for a small city we are doing what we can. Can we do more? Yes with political will and with the backing of the public. So education is the key in helping people understand the cause and effect of their actions or inaction.


8) Firstly, we would have to ensure that the city was capable of surviving without fossil fuels. Presently we do not have the capacity to do that, so I would not agree with moving forward with that directive as stated.

9) Yes I would vote to prevent nuclear waste moving through our city.

10) I would be willing to get arrested if I strongly believe in what I was fighting for.

11) Small homes initiative. I just had council endorse my resolution to open discussions with administration about small homes and to find a partner willing to drive the project. LCPS is very interested in doing so. I would also look to changing the zoning requirements to allow more than one building on one lot and look at ways to expedite building on a variety of lots.

12) I actually put forth a resolution before council to persuade the provincial government to reinstate the basic income project.  The resolution was supported unanimously.

13) I support local business by buying as much as I can from local suppliers, growers, and businesses. I also promote local businesses as often as I can by word of mouth or social media.  I was a small business owner for 30 plus years. So I understand how supporting local businesses also helps our economy grow and be sustainable.

14) I buy as much as I can from local growers. That is how I support them. Then I tell my friends to do the same. I use social media actively to support this business.

15) Free transit would be a good thing in the long run but we need a plan on how to get there.

16) Yes and actually free bus fare.

17)  I lobbied to have that bike route built 10 years ago. I have brought it up consistently for years. So Yes!

18) By encouraging neighbours to know their neighbours, who live in the area. To build an integrated public camera system, led lighting, to implement the strategy of safe neighbourhoods through environmental design. Lobby for a better judicial system and a better penal system. We need actual programs to be funded appropriately so criminals do get a chance for rehabilitation.

19) As a landlord, I do not discriminate against tenants because of race or religion.

20) I supported urban infill by creating 4 livable units and three commercial units from a building that previously had one commercial tenant.

21) I would lobby the provincial government in person, with letters, emails, and through social media and by any other available means that would help get this initiative going.

22) Yes I have a lot of good ideas for Thunder Bay: Small Homes Initiative, Memorial Link, develop Thunder Bay as a sports tournament Mecca, lobby the judicial system for major changes, and lobby for a better penal system. I would also continue developing the waterfront, stepping up our crime prevention strategies, look at cracking down on all criminal activity , helping social agencies more, helping the animal shelters with whatever resources they need, etc…..none of this could be accomplished without the right people on council working together with a common vision.