Firefighter Survey 2018

Our city should be working towards the highest standard possible within reason. Obviously, the quicker you get there the better in dealing with the situation. I am sure everyone will agree with that. However you should not be risking your life or anybody else’s in the process. So common sense should always be the guide.

  1. B) I agree with the statement because it makes sense. Everything mentioned is true and can be verified with statistics and facts.
  2. C) Factors that should decide numbers of firefighters, fire apparatus, number of stations, first priority are safety of our citizens. So no matter what, we have to follow guidelines to ensure this is paramount in importance. Input from administration and the union has to be considered since they are the experts. Looking at best practices is always a good idea.
  3. D) The only changes I can see happening are a blending of EMS and the fire department. I don’t know how that will look or how it will be accomplished but it seems to be the trend in other cities and seems to work. Having said that, consulting with the chief, admin and the union to see what changes they would suggest if any. They are the experts in providing information. With that information we can then make decisions.
  4. E) Fire Chief, Ont Fire Marshal’s Office, Firefighters Association, and the Public are the people I would consult with on that issue. It is always wise to get public input when you are spending their dollars.
  5. F) I would never support any process that is skewed against anyone. That would be very unfair and would result in many negative consequences. Besides it would be in bargaining in bad faith which would then lead to other issues.


 2) EMS

  1. a) Firefighters will respond to medical emergencies. If they are first on the scene they will try to stabilize the victim until ambulance gets there. I understand that more advanced medical training is being administered but only to a certain point.
  2. b) Unsure. Would like more information

3) General

Priorities are the community safety issue, continue addressing social issues, (homelessness, poverty, mental health, addictions, racism), economic development.

  1. B) What makes me a good councillor: work experience and dealing with the public for over 40 years, (teaches you a lot about communication, empathy, problem solving, develops your interpersonal skills, gives you a strong mental toughness). I always look for win /win situations as well in my ability to be a team player. Having lived in other cities and in another country, as well as my broad travel experience, gives me exposure to problem solving techniques as well as best practices from a worldly perspective. My strong love, appreciation, and passion for this city and its people are probably my strongest attribute. I am lucky enough to have my family and friends living in the same city which motivates me to work harder to ensure we are doing everything we can to move the city forward.