Earth Care Community Greening

I would advocate for the ongoing greening of the community by: investing in more foresters to help the city maintain and grow its green footprint, ensure better communication with the  public about the importance of  greening the city and communicating with the citizens as to what they can do to help make the city greener.  Working with the Clean, Green, and Beautiful committee to ensure they have the necessary budget to fulfill their mandate is also something for which I would advocate.


2) I have personally planted trees, shrubs, plants on my properties to help with the greening of the city. As a Councillor, I have supported our Clean, Green and Beautiful committee by ensuring they have the necessary budget and support staff. When property changes are made or developed, I have always checked to see if the site plan control contains the correct percentage of landscaping.

3) Some of the benefits of greening our city and properties include: vegetation absorbs water and this in turn helps prevent flooding, vegetation creates oxygen, helps the beautification of areas, increases our wellbeing, and raises the values of properties.